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Navigation Bridge Simulator


A complete marine simulation navigation training solution encompassing all the individual units on which navigation related training needs to be performed. Training is done in an immersive atmosphere with full visual, instrument and aural clues available to the trainees. The full mission simulator incorporates all software, hardware and accessories required to simulate an accurate and realistic bridge environment and is available in a large number of configurations including 180, 240, 270 and 360 degrees fields of view.


The Integrated Bridge Environment consists of all standard equipment designed realistically and arranged ergonomically to provide an actual bridge environment.
  • Radar/ARPA
  • Conning and steering station
  • Display of navigation, weather, propulsion data etc
  • Engine, Rudder and Bow thruster controls
  • Sound signal controls
  • Navigation Aids : GPS, Echo Sounder (with recorder), Doppler Log, AIS, Course Recorder etc.
  • Mooring panel with capability to pay out, heave and make fast mooring ropes
  • Anchoring panel with facility to walk back, drop and heave up port or starboard anchors
  • Tug control panel with facility to deploy tugs in push or pull modes around the vessel
  • Alarms panel
  • Visual system with ability to pan and view 360 degree around the vessel and select any location for close up view in binocular mode.
  • Instructor station enabling complete monitoring and control on exercise environment
  • Near “real” visualization of marine environment
  • Own ship and target vessel exhibit movement in 6 degrees-of-freedom
  • All navigation equipment designed and equipped in accordance with performance standards for navigational equipment.
  • Vast range of navigational scenarios including coastal navigation, high traffic density areas, arrival and departure ports, berthing and unberthing, anchoring and others.
  • Varying conditions of visibility, time, wind, current, tides, weather can be simulated.
  • The ship behaviour is rigorously modeled to correctly exhibit ‘6 degrees-of-freedom’ under combined effect of internal, external and interactive forces
  • Used to improve navigational and maneuvering skills of navigating officers at all levels.
  • Software is entirely modular, scalable and customisable.
  • All hardware used including computers, monitors, projectors are ‘off-the-shelf’ and obviate any dependency on specific make or model.
  • Exercises are conducted under the direct control of a qualified and experienced instructor.
  • Trainee knowledge and expertise can be evaluated and improved by deliberate introduction of errors by the instructor during the course of an exercise
Training Applications
  • Mandatory Ship Maneuvering Training according to STCW’95 standards for Navigating Officers at management and operational levels
  • Mandatory Training on ‘Blind’ Navigation Systems.
  • Mandatory Training on Radar/ARPA systems
  • Bridge Team Management training
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Rule of the Road and Collision Avoidance Training
  • Ship Maneuvering and Tactical Training for Naval Officers
  • ECDIS Training

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