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Customized Solutions


Simulators are widely recognized as immersive, cost effective, and efficient training tools. In the past, simulators in general, and computing equipment, specifically, were expensive leading to general purpose simulator development. The modern, emerging trend is to use customized simulators to achieve specific training objectives, which is possible today at a reasonable cost and in short periods of time.

More than any other manufacturer, ARI possesses the ability to customize simulation solutions for specific client needs. This is ARI’s key competitive advantage and we have invested significantly in developing expertise to ensure that client needs are met in the most specific way possible. All our simulators are extremely modular making it possible to tailor make a solution for today’s needs while retaining the flexibility to grow or modify the system for future needs. All our simulators are expandable making it possible to start off with a small system to begin with and grow it in stages into a full mission simulator.

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