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Drilling Simulator


The ARI Drilling Simulator has successfully simulated a variety of tools available on the actual drilling rig on land/offshore such as:

  • Top Drive
  • Draw Works
  • Mud System
  • Hydra Tong
  • Bridge Racker
  • HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit)

The Drilling Simulator is a modular solution suitable for operational level training in all essential aspects of drilling rig operations.  ARI can customize and bundle the simulation software to actual hardware componenets used in drilling operations.

The ARI Drilling Simulator is back-boned by a central physics processing unit emulating all the compoenents of the rig in their prospective positions and allowing their inter-operations using the highly advanced phsics engine.  The system therefore incorporates all world effects olike gravity, friction, actual kinematics, collision detection and handling etc. on the simulated objects in the real physics world thus providing unparelled realism.

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